Ikariam Fight: Rapport de combat

You will have to install the
IK Fight Image CR Converter script.
To do so, you will first have to install the
Greasemonkey Firefox Add-on.



  • 0 - Install the Greasemonkey Firefox Add-on and the IK Fight Image CR Converter script
  • 1 - Go to the Military Overview page and then go to Combat Reports
  • 2 - Click on the Combat Report you wish to convert
  • 3 - Click on the "COPY CR"-button you will find at the bottom of the report
  • 4 - An automatic redirection will send you to this page to paste your report in the appropriate field
  • 5a - Choose if you want to save your image of the CR on your computer
  • 5b - or upload automatically the CR on ImageShack and get the code to put on your forum

Version History

Module Version 2.5.0 [24/02/10] - Script Version 1.2.5 [24/01/10]

  • Module: BugFix: adaptation of templates to the height of the events
  • Module: Add: Choose display events, number of rounds.
  • Script: BugFix: problem when creating unity in a fight
  • Script: BugFix: Problem parsing loot for multiple attackers
  • Module: Added new template + bugFix
  • Module: Position island XX:YY option added
  • Module: BugFix: position of graphics element
  • Module: BugFix: Battle Results
  • Script: Battle "results" text added to report + server name
  • Module: English translation done
  • Script: Minor corrections
  • Module: "Recalculate"-option added in case the CR is modified
  • Script: French translation for spearmen and barbarian
  • Script: Multi-language translation for the conclusion
  • Script: Losers are shown in case the army fled
  • Script: Unit names corrected and optimization of the code
  • Module: New update made for Ikariam 0.3.2